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Innovative Use of “Day Light Pipe Technology” for Natural Illumination

South Central Railway, the first Railway to implement “Day Light Pipe Technology” in its pursuit towards energy conservation has gone into a big way to enhance its use. The Zone, which undertook the first trial of the light pipe o­n the 7th floor of Rail Nilayam in 2011, has so far installed 86 natural day light pipe systems at various locations over its network, which is equivalent to 100 kW light load. The Zone plans to provide 39 day light pipe systems more, by end of March 2016.

The “Day Light Pipe Technology”, after the initial experience and performance watch trial, was implemented at Railway Printing Press adjacent to Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad at a cost of Rs.3.96 lakhs. o­n provision of day light pipe system lighting load of 1.8 KW has been removed. The reduction in lighting load itself has brought out saving of around Rupees Sixty Three Thousands per annum and lighting lux level increased from 160 lux to 400 lux. The installed cost of “Day Light Pipe Technology” will be recovered in six and a half years, whereas life of day light pipe system is about 30 years.

The use of “Day Light Pipe Technology” holds advantage, as the sunlight is constant source of light unlike artificial light obtained through Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), Fluorescent Tube Light (FTL), Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights, Induction Lamps etc. which flicker 100 times/second. Working in sunlight reduces strain o­n human eyes and thus brain fag too.

Technology at work….

The “Day Light Pipe Technology” is an innovation based o­n very simple principles. The day light is collected through a dome which has prismatic cut for ray banding technology and sends, sun light down in a pipe. The Light gets reflected inside light pipe, having reflexivity of 95% to 99% and at the end. Light is obtained through diffuser for uniform illumination. The air inside the light pipe acts as insulator, therefore ensuring that the heat gain inside the room is very low. The light pipe can be installed crossing floor and also with bends etc.,5,268

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Train network restored in record time

A day after rain water brought the complete rail network between the southern and the eastern part of the country to a standstill, the day was spent in massive restoration work, one of the biggest in South Central Railway with 750 personnel being rushed from various places.
By the end of the day, rail lines between Vijayawada-Gudur-Chennai, Gudur-Renigunta and Renigunta-Gooty sectors became operational. Ravindra Gupta, general manager, SCR monitored restoration works at dislocation spots till in the Guntakal division, which was the worst-affected for the past three days due to heavy rainfall.

A total of 12,600 bags of sand, 4,600 cubic metres of ballast, boulders, cement and quarry dust were transported to the work spots for plugging the breached bank slips and strengthening the embankments at all the affected locations. “The restoration work taken up by SCR on a massive scale led to making the rail sections of Gudur-Renigunta, Renigunty-Gooty and Gudur-Nellore operational in a record time,“ said SCR in a statement.

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Railways projects growth in coal freight Business

Indian Railways is anticipating increased freight loadings from the coal sector with the Centre removing hurdles in the allotment of coal blocks.

The public sector entity has said systemic improvements and innovative measures in the area of wagon movement need to be taken keeping in view the upcoming demand.

Railway Board Member (Traffic) Ajay Shukla felt that growth in the economy would result in increased potential for freight movement.

“There is an expected jump in coal loading as issues related to coal blocks have been cleared. The Government has chalked out a plan to provide round-the-clock power supply across the country in the next four years,” he said.

The Member held a meeting with top officials of the South Central Railway zone here on Saturday.

“In this backdrop, there is a need to prepare a comprehensive plan for initiating systemic improvements,” he said.

He asked the zone to take necessary measures to achieve a freight loading target of 128 million tonnes in the financial year 2015-16.

SCR General Manager P K Srivastava said the zone is gearing up to meet the increased demand from Singareni Collieries, ports in Krishnapatnam and Kakinada, and from the cement industry.

Business Line

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Rail Museum at Kacheguda Rly Station

The Rail Museum can be viewed by the public at large, with the entry being free for bonafide passengers having valid outbound and inbound tickets including those with platform tickets.

For others, there will be a nominal entry fee. The Rail Museum was conceived by SCR general manager PK Srivastava and also identified Kacheguda railway station as the right location, considering its heritage value. Srivastava visited the Rail Musuem on Thursday to have a look at the exhibits.

The Rail Museum offers glimpses of vintage photographs including those pertaining to the rail network dating back to the Nizam’s time with the inauguration of Kacheguda railway station building. The exhibits date back to the vintage era and include signaling equipment, prototypes of various locomotives and coaches, tickets, working models etc.

Taking the viewer forward from the vintage to the latest, the museum also offers a peek into the present on security, safety, bridges etc., Yet another highlight is, an exclusive air conditioned lounge to facilitate screening of audio-visuals pertaining to the history and growth of railways and other short films on various aspects connected to the railways.

In addition to the rail museum, two air conditioned meter gauge coaches which were used to run ‘Heritage of Wheels’ trains in Rajasthan have been set up abutting the reservation complex at Kacheguda.

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Soon, consult a doctor, buy medicines at Central Railway stations

Central Railways has decided to allow doctors to open clinics and pharmacists to open medical stores at the emergency medical rooms (EMRs) that it plans to launch at railway stations to provide golden-hour treatment for accident victims.

The EMRS are to be set up at those stations on the Western, Central and Harbour line where more than 100 deaths have occurred in a year. The railways told the Bombay high court earlier this month that 24 stations will get EMRs. The court, while hearing a PIL seeking directions to the railways to ensure prompt medical aid to commuters, has said eventually the railways should set up EMRs at every station.

While Western Railway (WR) has decided to appoint doctors and paramedics at its EMRs from its own funds and will not allow the doctors to attend to patients other than railway accident victims, CR has decided that its emergency rooms can be run by private doctors as clinics.

A CR official said, “We have decided to allow the EMRs to be used as clinics by MBBS doctors or as chemist shops where chemists will have to appoint trained paramedics. But these doctors should give priority to rail mishap victims, ensure golden-hour treatment and accompany them to hospitals.”

When the doctors are not treating accident victims, they can attend to other patients and take fees from them (no fees can be charged from railway accident victims). CR has not put restrictions on how much a doctor can charge from patients who are not railway accident victims.

“Each stations sees thousands of commuters every day. They may want to see a doctor at the station as they may not otherwise have time to visit their general practitioner because of their daily schedule,” the CR official said.

Pharmacists will be allowed to sell drugs at the EMRs. However, they will have to appoint staff trained in paramedics.

Explaining the reasons for going in for this model of running EMRs, a CR official said, “On an average, 8 to 10 accidents take place every day on the suburban system of CR, including the main and harbour line. The doctors at most EMRs are going to be free for the major part of the day. So it is better to allow them to practise there and earn revenue.”

The rooms will be allocated on a yearly basis, officials said. “The doctor or the pharmacist who quotes the highest amount will be selected to run the facility. In the first year revenue may be low as bidders will be conservative in quoting a figure. However, high footfalls will convince doctors of the profitability of the venture, and this in turn will help us earn higher revenue from the next year,” an official said.

Asked why different models had been chosen for CR and WR, the official explained, “It is best to test both models. The one that is better will be implemented in the long run.” The official said the model adopted by CR will ensure there is no negligence.

Railway activist Bhavesh Patel said the initiative by CR was a welcome one as “many commuters who may feel unwell can walk into these emergency centres to get themselves treated.”


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You Can Buy Unreserved Tickets from TTEs

The South Central Railway (SCR) is exploring options of issuing unreserved tickets after boarding the train through hand-held machines by travel ticket examiners (TTEs).

The proposed option is expected to benefit large number of passengers who commute by train every day and also those who embark on unscheduled journeys on emergency or at short notice. It is another passenger- friendly initiative planned by the Indian Railways recently.

‘’We are exploring issuing unreserved tickets on certain trains through TTEs during the train journey,’’ SCR general manager PK Srivastava told Express.

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Concierge Services’ for Railway Passengers

To put an end to the hassles faced by passengers in finding a cab or porter when they arrive at their destination by a train, a new service called ‘Concierge Services’ has been introduced by the South Central Railway at Secunderabad and Tirupati railway stations.

Under this service, a passenger can book cab and porter at his destination station before the train arrives at that station. The ‘Concierge Services’ is being extended by the Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) and will shortly be provided at Vijayawada and Guntur stations also.

Under this service, passengers having confirmed train reservation can book cab, porter 36 hours in advance online at and The services can be availed as a combo of both ie., cab and porter or cab services alone.

After booking, the details of cab services and contact numbers will be intimated to the passengers before their train arrives at the destination. At the destination stations, the staff of IRCTC, will be available to ensure hassle-free services to the passengers on arrival.

At Secunderabad railway sttaion, cab services will be provided for passengers arriving by Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto and AP Express trains. Passengers reaching Secunderabad by these trains can book the cab services at Secunderabad for two slabs ie, 0-20 km slab and 20-40 km slab in small and mid-segment categories of vehicles. At Tirupati, cab services will be provided for passenger arriving by trains coming from New Delhi, Secunderabad, Vizag and Mumbai.

They can book cab services in Tirupati for various durations ie, 4 hours 40 km; 8 hours 80 km; and 12 hours 120 km slabs. The facility can be availed for Indica, Qualis and Tempo categories of vehicles.

Subsequently, these Concierge Services will be extended to all trains. The porter charges will be applicable to two pieces of luggage weighing 40kg and one trolley load.

Indian Express

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