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Railways engineers suggest private cabins with doors on AC coaches

With train passengers demanding more privacy at a premium, a group of engineers at the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai has suggested that AC III tier and AC II tier coaches can have two cabins each with light-weight aluminium doors.

The railways has been removing curtains from AC III tier coaches to ensure cleanliness and to make the coaches fireproof. The ICF engineers’ suggestion was included in a paper submitted at a technical seminar of Indian Railways Technical Supervisors Association (IRSTA) on Tuesday.

IRSTA member K V Ramesh, who presented the paper, said ICF can provide cabins in coaches without making changes in the existing layout. It can be provided on sleeper class coaches also. “Berths in these cabins of AC II tier and AC III tier and sleeper class coaches can be charged an extra of 20%, 15% and 10%,” he said.

The design suggested in the seminar says two bays comprising eight berths in AC II tier and two bays comprising of 12 berths in AC III tier can be converted into cabins with doors.

A similar pattern has been suggested for sleeper class coaches. The arrangement would be convenient for families and people who travel in groups.

“Railways will be able to earn an additional 523.55 crore if these modifications are carried out and berths are charged at a premium of 14.2%,” the engineer said. The paper says the railways will be able to earn 115.01crore from AC II tier, 207.59 crore from AC III tier, and 198.97 crore from sleeper class.

The figures were arrived at as per the statistics of coaches available with railways as shown in railway sector statistics for 2015-16 in the working group report for the 12th Plan.

The paper suggested elimination of toilets at one end of chair car coaches to accommodate more seats. This space can be used for 12 additional seats.

A senior ICF official said the suggestion is workable. “We will study the proposal and it to the railway board. The factory can make the changes after getting approval from railway board and the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO).”

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ICF to roll out energy-efficient 3-phase trains

The advantage with the units is that they can save energy up to 30 per cent

The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) is set to cross yet another milestone by rolling out indigenously manufactured ‘insulated-gate bipolar transistor’ (IGBT) based Electrical Multiple Units (EMUs) on Friday, under the Make in India plan.

“The advantage with the three-phase EMUs is that they can save energy up to 30 per cent. They will allow us to add or include our own features like sliding doors for air-conditioned coaches,” said Ashok K. Agarwal, general manager, ICF.

Union Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha, who will be participating in the valedictory of the diamond jubilee celebrations of the ICF, will flag off the first unit at the ICF headquarters in Chennai and it will be used in Mumbai.

Indian Railways decided to use the three-phase EMUs because the Western Railway was well-versed with the maintenance and technical aspects of such trains.

ICF has manufactured 130 three-phase electric train sets using propulsion systems of Germany-based Siemens and is manufacturing EMUs with propulsion system of Bombardier, a leading manufacturer of planes and trains.

Now, the Hyderabad-based Medha Servo Drives has produced two propulsion systems for the ICF.

“It is not only energy-efficient but also requires less maintenance because of oil-free compressor. Line failures will also rarely occur,” Mr. Agarwal said.

They are fitted with easy to slide, light weight sliding doors supported by imported sliding mechanism including user friendly locks, latches, and maintenance-free rollers.

Since the EMUs had regenerative braking, the motor would act as a generator whenever the brake was applied.

“The electricity generated in this process would be fed into the grid,” Mr Agarwal said.

Indian Railways has been using three-phase propulsion systems for diesel locomotives, electric locomotives and diesel electric multiple units.

The system is now being extended to EMUs.

The Hindu

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Tracking a journey

As the Integral Coach Factory celebrates 60 years this week, AKILA KANNADASAN spends a day at its sprawling campus in Perambur

A railway coach is a mere sheet of cotton steel, wound as a gigantic coil, before its birth. We see it waiting to be loaded into a cut-to-length machine at the manufacturing unit of the Integral Coach Factory at Perambur, Chennai. The coach begins its journey at the grease-stained floors of the factory — it will soon travel across the nooks and crannies of the country. Engineers and technicians here prepare it for the big journey.

“Watch your step. Be very careful,” instructs P. Sreeramulu, senior section engineer, as he leads us into the mammoth shell manufacturing unit where the outer skeleton of the coach is made.

Man and machines work together to create a rectangular metal masterpiece that will be embellished with curtains, fans, cushioned seats and more at the fabrication unit.

On first sight, the sheer magnitude of machinery fascinates. The sounds sweep over us – clang! Bang! Drrr! Zap! Clackety-clack! Inside we are embraced by the smell of metal and oil. Technicians nod to us as they turn a knob here and a control a conveyor there.

Sreeramulu, a mechanical engineer who started his career at the ICF, remembers a time when the unit had more people than machines. But as time rolled on and technology advanced, machines helped cut down the workforce. “From 16,000, the workforce is now around 12,000. Of this 20-25 per cent are women,” he says.

A 1000-ton hydraulic press rams a sheet thatwill later be a side pillar; a laser-cutting machine sculpts metal with mechanical precision; a profile-bending machine gives shape to the roof…the metal creature being shaped before our eyes gradually grows in size.

At the shell assembly unit, the under frame, coach bottom, and bogie are made to shape the skeleton of the coach.

But all the drama happens at the fabrication unit. Several coaches, in various stages of undress, wait to be made-up.

The trademark blue curtains peep from just done-up windows; a labourer seats himself on an upper berth of a coach, his head behind a curtain of wires; two technicians are busy chattering away as they connect the electrical wiring…the men travel from one coach to the other, adding elements to what was once a lifeless metal frame.

Technician K. Prabu is testing the controls at the driver’s cabin — he scribbles something onto his notepad and nods to himself. He pats a shaft with a red button at the handle.

This structure — part of the ‘master controller’ of a train — is the single most important switch and is responsible for the train’s every movement.

“It’s called the ‘dead man release’,” explains Prabu. “The driver will hold it down to put the train in motion. If he releases it, the train will come to a stop.”

Why ‘dead man’s release’? If the driver releases the button, it means he’s in grave danger.

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Chennai-Delhi trains likely to get advanced LHB coaches

Travelling on the Chennai-Delhi and Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram routes may get comfortable as railways is considering introducing safer and spacious Linke Hoffmann Busch (LHB) coaches.

Around 20 new coaches have come to Chennai and a few others are stationed in Thiruvananthapuram.

A senior railway official said the priority will be to replace rakes of Chennai-Delhi Grand Trunk Express and Tamil Nadu Express after which the train to Thiruvananthapuram will be considered.

LHB coaches are based on a German design and have safety features that prevent the coaches from toppling over after derailment.

The railway board has not issued an instruction to replace the coaches though the new rakes have been brought to Chennai. The ministry is planning to supplant existing coaches with LHB in a phased manner in 10 years.

“The focus will be to improve amenities on a train that connects Chennai with the national capital. Four new rakes should arrive and manpower needs to be allotted for maintenance. The technical staff at Basin Bridge yard has expertise to handle LHB coaches because they maintain four trains including Chennai-Bengaluru Shatabdi with the new-generation coaches,” said an official.

Sources said the Chennai-Delhi Duronto should ideally be the first train on the Delhi route to get the new rakes because the coaches being used now were introduced when the all air-conditioned and nonstop services were announced in 2009.

“The train now has coaches made using a mix of ICF and LHB design put together at a cost of Rs 50 crore. This design has been discontinued. The new LHB rake that has arrived in Chennai can be allotted for the twice-a-week service as it is run using one rake,” he added.

However, Southern Railway is yet to take a decision. A spokesperson said, “We have not decided when the new coaches can be inducted.”

As part of the railway ministry’s decision to switch over to the new-generation coaches, ICF has also started to manufacture them in a new unit.


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Rlys unveil III AC coach with CCTV

Railways has unveiled a new AC 3-tier coach with state-of-the-art facili ties including CCTV cam eras, bio-toilets and im proved safety features. The interiors of the coach, with better security and comfort features, have been designed aesthetically.
The door of the coach has been made to swing both ways to ensure faster evacuation in case of emergency.

The bi-directional swing door is a new feature which is likely to be a norm for all new coaches in future. While CCTV cameras have been in stalled at the entrance of the coach on both sides to streng then the security system fire-retardant materials have been used to prevent fire as a safety measure.

Manufactured at the Integrated Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai, the AC coach is equipped with wider stainless steel ladder with handholds for easy climbing to upper berths.

Besides, the new coach has also been fitted with braille stickers for the convenience of visually-impaired passengers.

Railways has to bear additional Rs 7.2 lakhs per coach for the enhanced fea tures, aimed at providing better amenities to passengers.

This new compartment is the 50,000th coach rolled out from ICF and is likely to be fitted in a train bound for the southern states.


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ICF hands over first AC rake for Mumbai railway lineICF

The Integral Coach Factory on Thursday handed over the first rake of its series production for the Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Ltd’s (MRVC) phase II coaches for Mumbai suburban railway lines.

MRVC had ordered 72 rakes from ICF. The coach factory had manufactured two prototypes and conducted extensive field trials before starting the series production.

ICF will deliver 30 rakes to MRVC this year and the remaining next year.

While MRVC phase I coaches were made out of Corten steel, the new coaches will have a stainless steel body. The propulsion system for the phase II coaches are being provided by Bombardier, an ICF official said.

Ashok Agarwal, General Manager, ICF, flagged off the rake.

Prabhat Sahai, Chairman and managing director, MRVC and other senior officials of the corporation were also present.

The Hindu

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Mumbai’s first AC local could leave for Mumbai on October 2

// The strongest air-conditioning units in the Indian Railways — to be installed in the first AC local for Mumbai — have been given the provisional clearance by the railways’ apex technical authority. The move by the Research Design Standards Organisation (RDSO) will pave the way for the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai to fit two such units in a coach and then test it in real time.

The rake will have 24 units in all — two each for the 12 coaches — and once the trials for the first two are over, officials said, the other 22 units should be in by September.

As of now, railway officials told dna, the most likely date for the rake to leave ICF and move towards Mumbai is October 2, Gandhi Jayanti. However, officials added, they are trying to see if the turn-out — railway lingo for sending a new train to the end-user — can be done earlier.

“Apart from being of a higher category than AC units currently in use on the Indian Railways, these units will have some new designs in its compressor. These are things which will have to be tested thoroughly. Mumbai is a peculiar case because of the kind of crowds that use local trains during peak hours. The density per square metre can go up to 16 people. The air-conditioned rake has to be something unique,” said a railway official.

At 15 tonnes each, these air-conditioners called Roof-Mounted Packaging Units (RMPUs) in rail lingo — will be much more effective than the 10-tonne RMPUs, the highest on Indian Railways, installed in the newly-built double-decker rakes and some trains of the Kolkata Metro. Most of the trains on Indian Railways, including the Rajdhani, have RMPUs of seven tonnes, said officials.

Tonnage in air-conditioning
In air-conditioning, a ton is the cooling capacity or heat-removal capacity of an AC unit. One ton — written as 1 TR — means the cooling effect equivalent to convert one ton of water into ice at the same temperature. It is measured in terms of British Thermal Units (Btu) and a one-ton air conditioner is rated at 12,000 Btu per hour. A Btu is the mount of heat required to increase the temperature of a pint of water (which weighs exactly 16 ounces) by one degree Fahrenheit. Higher the tonnage of an AC, the greater its cooling capacity.

What’s expected from the 15-ton AC units
It must supply 0.14-metre cube of fresh air per person per minute.
Total fresh air supplied into the coach should be 70-metre cube per minute.
It should be able to work when the coach is crowded with up to 500 passengers.
It should bring relative humidity within a coach to about 60%.
It should be able to work when outside temperature is anything up to 40 degrees Celsius.
It should be able to work when train is travelling at 120 kmph.

DNA India


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