Tourists Throng Indian Railway Station Decorated With Ancient Art Form.

16 Nov

The Madhubani Railway station, one of the oldest train stations in India, has become a tourist hotspot after hundreds of local artists painted frescos in the famous Madhubani style, free of cost in an attempt to promote and preserve the ancient art form.

The railway station in Madhubani in India’s eastern state of Bihar has been converted into an amazing exhibition of artwork with famous Madhubani paintings adorning the walls. The Madhubani style is one of the most intricate art movements of ancient India preserved to date by the world-famous artisans of Madhubani. More than two hundred local artists made these paintings free of cost for Indian Railways.

The Madhubani railway station has become a center of attraction, as many tourists now visit the city just to see the decorated walls.

Indian Railways is now planning to put up similar frescos at other railway stations across the country.

“Our plan to beautify and bring past glory to the historical railway stations has become successful. We will soon decorate the walls of the Darbhanga and Sitamarhi railway stations with Madhubani paintings,” R K Jain, the manager of the Samastipur railway division, told Sputnik.

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