Central Railway to constitute citizens’ team to prevent sabotage on tracks.

10 Feb

The Central Railway is building a team of common people to prevent sabotage on railway tracks.

The team members would keep the railway officials posted about any irregularities or fractures on the tracks. The objective of forming the team is to prevent accidents and ensure safety of passengers.

Local people often inform the railway authorities about fractures on tracks, preventing accidents. An official of the Pune division of the Central Railway told TOI that a plan to create a database of such people had been initiated.The railway officials would reward them for information.

“The initiative was taken around a week ago. Local people, mainly those living near the tracks or someone walking nearby , mostly notice track fractures or attempted track sabotages first and inform the authorities. They has been very helpful in averting accidents. A good team of common people in different areas will surely make a difference on the safety front,“ said D Vikas, the divisional security commissioner of Pune. The official said before finalizing the team members, a proper background check would be conducted.

“Many people live on either side of railway tracks and there are small localities near train lines. The idea is to appeal to them to help the authorities. Railways have a secret fund to create an infrastructure for the team and reward its members for specific information.The details will be finalized soon,“ the official said.

The train accident in Kanpur last year, in which 140 people died, is suspected to be an act of terror. The National Investigation Agency and the Intelligence Bureau are conducting investigations.

The railway authorities su spected sabotage in the accident involving the JagdalpurBhubaneswar Hirakhand Express, in which 39 people lost their lives. Last week, the loco pilots of 12052 Jan Shatabdi Express averted a major accident at Diva near Mumbai applying brakes and stopping the train metres away from a piece of railway line lying on the tracks.

“We appeal to the people to call `182′ if they find anything fishy ,“ the official said.

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