Solar project brings down Pune station’s electricity bill by Rs 2 lakh.

12 Sep

THE 160 KWP solar power system installed on the rooftop of the Pune Railway Station has started to show its benefit as the monthly power bill of the station has seen a sharp decline.

The project was announced in February 2016 and was commissioned in the first week of June 2016. The system, which consists of 600 PV panels, has a capacity of 150KWP and generates about 2,20,000 units of electricity per annum. It is designed to meet almost 80 per cent of the station’s electricity needs.

By reducing 225 tonnes of carbon emissions, the solar project will also make the station greener. “The project was commissioned in the first week of June and it wasn’t functioning at its full capacity till the beginning of July. The power bill for July has come down by Rs 2 lakh. The average bill for Pune Station is Rs 9 lakh. For July, it was only Rs 7 lakh,” said a senior officer with the Pune Railway division. Union Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu will formally inaugurate the solar project on September 2.

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