Talgo train: Everything you need to know.

07 Aug

Talgo, the high speed, lightweight Spanish-made trains were put for a trial run on the Delhi-Mumbai route by the Indian Railways to gauge its efficiency. The train runs at an average speed of around 90-100 km/hr and can attain a maximum speed of 130-150 km/hr. The train has nine coaches which include two executive class coaches, four general class coaches, a cafeteria, a power car and a tail-end coach.

The executive class is the premium coach with 20 seats in each coach. The premium seats are spacious and provide ample leg space. There is a wooden pull-out table for keeping food and other items. The luggage space on top of the seats is also very spacious. There are also television sets on top for displaying information about train speed, location, etc. The aisle area has ample room for movement.

The general coaches can seat up to 36 people each. The seats may not be as premium as the ones in the executive class but they are comfortable, spacious and have leg-room. The pull out tables are also quite big.

The cafeteria will be serving tea, coffee, burgers and doughnuts. However, if Talgo coaches are used by the Indian Railways, the cafeteria may need to be redesigned to suit Indian needs.


The rakes are currently being pulled by an Indian Railways loco and has undergone a test run between Delhi and Mumbai to see if the journey between the two cities can be covered in less than 12 hours.

The train had commenced its final phase trial run from Delhi on Monday at 7:55 PM and arrived in Mumbai on Tuesday at 11.40 AM, over three hours behind schedule. A railway official said that heavy rains enroute caused the delay. However, the train attained its maximum speed and the trial run at 130 km/hr was successful, he said.

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