Railways’ ‘wake-up’ call service for passengers.

06 Jun

Train passengers can enjoy a sound sleep without worrying about missing their destinations as Railways has introduced a ‘wake-up’ call service on their mobile phones on its existing enquiry number ‘139’.

Officials said the wake-up call service would be a boon, largely for those who often slept on trains and skipped their destinations.

“It’s a regular scene in the train as passengers often skip their stations once they go to sleep. This service will be a solution to their problem,” said Ajit Sinha, senior divisional commercial manager (DCM), NR, Lucknow.

Sinha said the passengers would be given a call by the railways once they reached their destinations.

On how to opt for the service, Sinha said one could dial 139 and choose the option of wake-up or destination alarm. Once they opt for the wake-up call, the passengers will get a call on their mobiles phones. “The phone will keep ringing till a passenger receives the call,” he added.

Similarly, if the passengers opt for the destination alarm, the alarm option in their mobile phones will automatically get activated once they reach their respective destinations. The services, Sinha said, was aimed at ensuring convenience of the passengers, especially during late night journeys.

Officials said the service was launched after passengers demanded a system in place to keep them informed about the stations.

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