ECR fixes charges for Roll- on, Roll- off scheme for trucks.

08 May

The East Central Railway has finally fixed charges for ferrying loaded trucks between Bihta, Turki and Narayanpur Anant railway yards in Muzaffarpur under the Roll-on, Roll-off scheme.

The scheme aims to find a way out for thousands of trucks that get stuck up in jams on the Mahatma Gandhi Setu that links the state capital to north Bihar.
Trucks loaded with commodities will be rolled on flat railway wagons at Bihta and unloaded either at Turki or Narayanpur Anant. Rakes of flat railway wagons will cross the river Ganga through the newly built Sonepur-Digha Bridge via Hajipur and reach the destinations with trucks loaded with tonnes of goods.

ECR chief spokesperson Arvind Kumar Rajak said for every truck loaded with 15 tonnes of goods, ` 4000 would be charged for being ferried by the train from Bihta to Turki in Muzaffarpur on Hajipur-Muzaffarpur rail section under Sonepur division of ECR.
“For goods above 15 tonnes, additional charges of ` 200 per tonne will be levied per truck. An empty truck will be charged ` 2650,” he added.

However, for trucks to be ferried from Bihta to Narayan Anant, which comes after Turki, ` 5000 would be charged per truck loaded with 15 tonnes of goods.
“An additional ` 250 will have to be given for each tonne exceeding the 15-tonne per truck limit,” Rajak said. “For empty trucks, to be unloaded at Narayanpur Anant, ECR will charge ` 3000.”
He said the Roll-on, Roll-off scheme would start soon after parties booked their trucks for being ferried to Turki or Narayanpur Anant via the new bridge.

A senior ECR official said the new scheme by the railways for could earn the zone huge revenue of not less than ` 10 crore a year.
The Konkan railway had first implemented such a scheme and ferried over 3.5 lakhs loaded trucks over the last one decade.

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