Western Railways is using innovative techniques to save water.

05 May

Western Railways has decided to cut its water usage of cleaning rakes by 50% to combat the water shortage situation in Maharashtra.

Normal usage of western railways is around 7000-8000 ltrs to clean the rakes of local train and 10000 to 120000ltrs for out station train. Techniques like steam machine, heavy pressure jet spray and manual mopping have helped reduce water usage.

“These techniques have helped us to save a lot of water. Many times we insist our labours to do cleaning of rakes manually,” said Senior PRO of Western Railway Ravindra Bhaakar.

Western railway uses 12 rakes to clean one local train and they serive a total 80 local trains daily in addition to 40 out station trains.

Apart from this, water leakage is also big concern for Western Railways.
“We have given instructions to our technical team who are looking for all kinds of water leakage,” said Ravindra Bhaakar.

In addition, Western Railways is planning have a water recycling plant in Bandra capable of handling 10 lakh litres of water per day. This plant will start functioning by 2018.

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One response to “Western Railways is using innovative techniques to save water.


    May 5, 2016 at 6:03 am

    I suggest a very simple technique to solve the water problem.COLLECT AND HOLD THE ENTIRE RAIN WATER. DO’NT ALLOW EVEN A DROP OF WATER TO GO OUT OF RAILWAY PREMISES. This would require construction of underground reservoirs. to store and use as is being done in Rajasthan, Gujarat etc;In addition, bore wells may be constructed to charge the aquifers below. This would help in flood control also.


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