Residents join NGO’s initiative to increase greenery at stations

05 May

In the past few years, advocating for green cause has been on priority list for many and in a bid to restore greenery at railway stations, NGO Harit Sparsh has started a WhatsApp forum, which connects people from Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai.

Ulhas Karle, an environmentalist, who has been associated with several eco-friendly measures in the past, is playing a key role in bringing people under one roof and taking up the cause. Talking about the initiative, he said, “Professionals like horticulturists, scientists, advocates, chartered accountants. wildlife photographers, nature photographers and even doctors are the members of the group and actively took part in the green drive recently.”

Before conducting the activity, the members survey the area, asses the need and also look into the fact that whether they will be able to maintain the planted trees. After thorough check, they take up the activity. The first model initiative have been taken at the historic Thane station and will be later extended to Navi Mumbai stations.

“We survey the area in advance and study the need. Then, accordingly, we work out the viable options of planting trees in big pots, so that the survival rate is high. Apart from this, we also consider their survival. After taking necessary permission from the railway authorities, we start with the drive,” said Karle.

“Finding a green patch in coming years will be a luxury as we are losing our green cover rapidly. I appreciate the initiative taken to give a makeover to the railway station by planting saplings in the area. This in turn, will also encourage passers-by to acknowledge the cause and be a part of the initiative,” said a resident and member.

With a forum like WhatsApp, it is easy to stay connected with the cause as the members said they get to know about everyone’s views. With forum like ‘Harit Sparsh’, the like-minded people are together working for a similar cause.

“We even intend to make a small garden at station and print scientific names of the plants to aware people and children,” shared a member.

The group said they have received immense support from the railway officials, as they have given required help and have even offered for help in maintaining the plants. The initiative is getting support from across the country as many are joining to spread greenery at their respective places.

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