Metro Rail to go for pre-fab steel bridges

01 Apr

Secunderabad railway station crossings at two ends are among the complex engineering feats to be taken up by the Metro Rail authorities later this year. Considering there are a continuous set of 10 rail tracks, a sharp curve and SCR plans to lay more tracks and also accommodate double-decker, it was decided to go for pre-fab steel bridges.

The biggest challenge of crossing over the railway station on the east side will be the Oliphanta brigde at Ramakrishna Hotel for Corridor Three – Nagole to Raidurg. The work has been targeted to be completed in October.

There is also going to be another crossing at the other end of the railway station on the Bhoiguda side towards the old Gandhi Hospital site for Corridor Two – Jubilee Bus Station to Falaknuma.

Senior metro rail officials had revealed that the bridges will be made in Delhi, dismantled and brought here to cross Oliphanta and Bhoiguda.

Steel girders will be assembled on temporary structures, a launching nose is assembled and the whole assembly is pulled across the railway tracks, aver L&TMRH officials.
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