Mumbai GRP goes online

27 Mar

A mobile application SAMEEP launched by the Mumbai railway police by Sachin Tendulkar has managed to catch the attention of lakhs of Mumbaikars.

According to the railway police, the main objective of the app is to update commuters about security, safety and mainly dispel rumours. The app also keeps commuters updated about any major disruptions on the suburban and main lines in Mumbai.

“We often update information that we think could maybe of passenger’s interest even if it isn’t directly concerned with safety and security issues. A recent broadcast over summer specials is an example where we transmitted the message to over a lakh commuters,” says Madhukar Pandey, GRP commissioner.

 Till now the facility has broadcasted information about Mega blocks, major traffic disruptions, security advisories, female security updates (which coaches are secured at night) including dispelling rumors like the one that was doing the rounds recently of terrorists landing in Mumbai.

Since its launch, the number of registrations for the app has been growing and has crossed 1 lakh now. The Mumbai GRP claims the number is nearly four times the combined number of followers of central and western railway on social networking sites.

 “We have stuck to the SMS format here as the RPF already has a twitter presence and there isn’t any point in replication. We realized that lots of commuters, especially senior citizens are not on social media but often carry mobile and can be reached through SMS. Accordingly, we tied up with an agency for SMSes,” said Pandey.
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