Suvidha Fare Pricing Explained.

25 Mar

In a Suvidha train, the total number of berths are divided into blocks of 20% each with the first block being charged substantially lower than the last block of 20%. This allows the passengers who book early o­n the Suvidha train to get lower fares. This system is different from the original dynamic pricing system of premium trains, which is adopted by several airlines, and in which the price is driven up based o­n the intensity of the demand.

Given below is table showing Sleeper, Third AC and Second AC fares for journey from Chennai Egmore to Madurai by a regular train and by a Suvidha special.

Class Regular Train (Rs.) Suvidha Special (Rs)
2A 1140 First 20% 1560
Second 20% 2285
Third 20% 3015
Fourth 20% 3745
Fifth 20% 4470
3A 810 First 20% 1120
Second 20% 1640
Third 20% 2155
Fourth 20% 2670
Fifth 20% 3185
SL 315 First 20% 415
Second 20% 595
Third 20% 775
Fourth 20% 955
Fifth 20% 1135

Therefore, for a train which has approximately 800 sleeper berths, the first 160 berths will cost Rs.415/- and the next 160 berths will cost Rs.595/- and so o­n.

Lastly, Specials form a very small percentage of the total number of trains run by Southern Railway. For example, in February 2016, we ran 44 specials originating from various stations o­n Southern Railway, but we also ran 5435 regular trains originating from Southern Railway.,4,268&dcd=4038&did=145882621535342515C1D5C278A7B8F9B4B0A98AB9718.web91

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