WhatsApp group informs passengers about train delays

01 Jan

The rail passengers travelling from sub-urban cities to Jaipur and from Jaipur to these cities have created a WhatsApp group not just to get updated information on the location of the train, or train delays among other things but to give a slip to the flying squads visiting various trains to penalize passengers without ticket.

TOI on Thursday spoke to some of the daily passengers travelling to Jaipur from Dausa, Bandikui, Phulera, Kishangarh and other nearby places by train, to perform their duties in various government and private offices, and learnt about these WhatsApp groups. “I take Pooja Express train from Rajgarh station everyday to travel to Jaipur, to reach my office at the state secretariat. So along with the other passengers who have been with me in train for years from Alwar, Dausa, Malakhera, Baswa among other stations, we have created a WhatsApp group, which updates us on the location of the train to get ready on time,” said Ramesh Chandra, a senior secondary school teacher in Sanganer.
These passengers not only give information on if the train has stopped at a particular station due to some train crossing, they also give information whenever the train gets delayed.

“Even during festival time when the trains remain overcrowded, we update our fellow passengers who are to board the train from the next stations to warn them of the crowd in advance,” said Pradesh Singh, who travels between Jaipur to Phulera everyday by Jaipur-Bandra train. Though most of the passengers who are in the group have got the monthly pass to travel, many a times even when the pass gets expired and flying squad comes to the train, the information on the group comes handy.

“Many a times when we are returning to Jaipur from Phulera and find that flying squad is in the train to check passengers without ticket, we immediately intimate each other about it so that everybody ensures that they have their monthly pass or valid travel ticket,” said Kashi Ram.

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