Head on generation (HoG) system introduced on New Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani

30 Dec

Railway Minister flagged off the first Rajdhani-12952 New Delhi- Mumbai Rajdhani Express train with Head o­n Generation (HoG) System from New Delhi railway station.

In HoG or “Head o­n Generation System” system of power supply power for train lighting & air-conditioning in coaches is taken from over head power lines and supplies to coaches instead of power taken from power cars in  End o­n Generation (EoG) system.

The advantage of HoG system over EoG are as under:

a)No noise pollution due to Power cars o­n Platforms. At present Power cars generate noise of 105 dB.

b)Use of cleaner energy source i.e. instead of Diesel Generator set power drawn from over head power lines. o­n an average 3000 liters of fuel is consumed in round trip from New Delhi to Mumbai and back.

c)For 20 coach Rajdhani train New Delhi to Mumbai, approximately saving of Rs 1.5 lacs per round trip considering the per unit costs  of Electricity by power cars & Hotel load converter @ Rs 13.0 and @ Rs 7.1 respectively. This amounts to nearly Rs 5.5 Cr savings for this train annually.

d)Reduction in emission of Green House gases.

e)Trials of Head o­n Generation (HoG) arrangement have been successfully done in Shatabdi trains between New Delhi – Kalka (13 coaches) and Chandigarh (17 coaches) routes for nearly 250 – 300 kms run o­n o­ne side.

f)For first time, it is proposed to provide Head o­n Generation for train no. 12952 New Delhi – Mumbai Rajdhani Express (20 coaches) having nearly 1400 kms run o­n each side.

g)At present 2 WAP-7 type of Electric locos are fitted with Hotel load converters of 2×500 kVA are available for trial purpose.

h)During current year up to 31-03-16, it is planned to manufacture 12-13 more such locomotives at CLW after which few more Shatabdi & Rajdhani trains can be switched over to Head o­n Generation system.,4,268&dcd=5113&did=1451476060591588BEB194AC268211C3003EEBB0BE732.web91

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