CR to power up CST cams with new software to strengthen electronic surveillance

26 Nov

Cameras at key Central Railway stations are set to get smarter with video-analytical software to strengthen electronic surveillance. The software sends an alert abo ut unusual activity or any intrusion that security personnel can attend to on a priority.

The software will be used as a pilot project at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), which has maxi mum footfalls, to detect loiterers, curb tampering of railway equipment or sounds of gunshots, said se nior railway cofficials.

Security has been a huge concern after CST was targetted during the 2611terror attacks. Using videoanalytics will reduce the workload on Railway Protection Force (RPF) operators who find it nearly impossible to constantly monitor feeds from the various cameras installed at the station.

“While installing the software, one has to set up parameters for the activity being looked at, like a person trying to gain access to restricted premises. Then the alert notification system has to be set up. Now, every time the software detects something that meets its search criteria, it will trigger off an alert,“ an official said. Multiple images of the situation will start popping up on the screen and the operator can immediately tell his colleagues to attend to it, he added.

“The software will make IP cameras more intelligent. We can keep tabs on any intrusion into ticket booking offices, abandoning of objects or their removal and defacement of railway property ,“ the railway official said. Direction of movement can also be defined so the system generates triggers only when individuals move in a particular direction across an area.

Eight vehicle scanners, totally worth Rs 2.3 crore, will also be purchased, of which two will be used at CST. Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) is likely to be the next to get the scanners.

Western Railway will set up two baggage scanners at Bandra Terminus and Mumbai Central Terminus within two months.

But railway officials admitted that the sheer volume of vehicles and passengers arriving at railway termini make it impossible to examine each of them. The scanners will be used for select vehicles or baggage that security personnel find suspicious, or when a high alert is declared.

WR also plans to add seven dogs to its canine squad. At present, it has three dogs and three are being trained.

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