Tamil Nadu Railway Police undertook an awareness campaign on dangers of crossing railway tracks throughout its Madurai sub-division in 13 southern districts.

Railway police personnel distributed pamphlets to the public on precautions to be taken while crossing unmanned level crossings, using foot over-bridges and to avoid eatables offered by strangers while travelling in trains.

Deputy Superintendent of Police V. Karthikeyan said that the TRP helpline number of 1512 had been prominently displayed at all important railway stations. Passengers could dial the number to lodge complaints on theft and to seek police help if they face nuisance from fellow travellers.

During the campaign, TRP Inspector of Police Murugan, who is in charge of Madurai, advised people who were crossing the railway track near Veiluganthamman Temple in Tirupparankundram about the dangers of it. People who were getting down on the Tirupparankundram Bypass Road on Madurai-Tirumangalam Road were invariably crossing the Madurai-Virudhunagar railway track to reach Tirupparankundram Subramaniaswamy Temple.

“We told them that many people lose their lives every day while crossing the railway track. People cannot gauge the high speed of the trains and get hit by them,” Sub-Inspector of Police A. Jayaseelan said.

In the pamphlets distributed by the police, passengers were advised to avoid accepting biscuits and beverages from strangers, for they could be laced with sedatives to loot them. Women must avoid wearing lot of jewels during overnight travel. Passengers should not share their e-mail ids, phone numbers and residential addresses with strangers.

People must always use foot over-bridges to cross railway tracks whenever they need to go to the platforms on the other side. Road users should look at both sides of the tracks and ensure that no train was coming before crossing.