Armed With Mobile Cams, RPF Squad on the lookout for commuters blocking Seats

25 Oct

Armed with cellphone cameras, the Western Railway has deployed a special team of RPF personnel, who keep a check on passengers violating rules and, thereby, making train journeys a nuisance for others.

A senior officer of Western Railway said that special teams of intelligence squads from the RPF in civil clothes have been deployed at various terminals and trains, who click pictures of violators blocking seats in crowded trains and doing stunts on the footboards.

Railway officials are planning to put up posters carrying these pictures so that these violators alter their behaviour due to fear of humiliation, if not of the law.

Mumbai Mirror has in its possession 25 such pictures of railway offenders who make train travel inconvenient for others.

“It is a really good idea to stop such behaviour in trains,” said Manish Shah, who regularly travels between Virar and Churchgate.

“Last week we apprehended four people from Borivali who were blocking seats by stretching their legs and keeping bags. Even then, such practices have not stopped. We decided to create a data base of pictures of such passengers and take action against them according to the Railway Act. We will put up their posters at railway stations and trains and also send them to their family members,” said a railway officer.

Passengers travelling to and from Virar and Borivali on the western line and Badalapur, Ambernath, Titwala, Kalyan, Dombivali and Thane on the central line, particularly, face these problems. Railway officials are of the opinion that many passengers also travel in opposite directions to be able to block seats for others when they travel back.

Many people allegedly travel upto Kandivali from Borivali station to block seats for their return travel.

“This practice of blocking seats is a very common problem, especially during peak hour travel. This creates problems between passengers and is also one of the main causes of fighting between them,” said Shailendra Kumar, divisional railway manager of Western Railway, Mumbai central division.

“Now we are going to put up their posters along with charging them for violating railway rules,” he added.

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