Base kitchens help increase Rly’s revenue

28 Sep
After the catering services were taken over by the railways from Indian Railway Catering Tourism (IRCTC) in 2011, the Nagpur Central Railway seems to be doing well.The Central Railway here has two base kitchens — one at Nagpur and another at Ballarshah. Earlier, food and snacks from these kitchens were supplied by IRCTC, but after the railways took over, these base kitchens were remodelled with requisite infrastructure.

The Central Railway has claimed that modernization of base kitchens has led to improving the food supply and subsequently the revenue.

Official spokesperson of the Central Railway handing over figures of May last year said that base kitchens at Nagpur and Ballarshah generated a revenue of 69.86 lakh and 12.87 lakh respectively, which is a record.

However, the spokesperson said the sales have almost doubled in July and August as compared to last year. Both the months are considered as slack season, yet in July 2014, base kitchen at Nagpur generated a revenue of 15.03 lakh while during the same month in 2015, it earned 30.31 lakh. In August 2014 it generated 13.46 lakh while this year it generated 31.35 lakh.

Similarly, the base kitchen at Ballarshah, which had earned 6.14 lakh in last July, earned 9.73 lakh. In August last it generated 5.13 lakh while this year it earned 12.20 lakh.

The spokesperson said even if the expenses towards material procurement are withdrawn, both the base kitchens have generated profits.


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