Japan and Google invest in India to help upgrade Indian Railways

24 Sep

Japan and Google are investing in India and are all set to upgrade Indian Railways.  Japan has made heavy investments of about 140 billion dollars in order to revamp the railway infrastructure and modernisation of various aspects. Japan’s plan involves development of about 400 railway stations in India and changes in the transportation network as well.

Japan is known for its development and technological advancement. Japan has assured that they would assist in the zero-accident mission of the government and help the Indian government develop a more legal and regulatory high speed railway. Moreover, Japan will provide its expertise in catering the sanitation problems related to toilets in trains and stations.

Whereas Google has partnered with Indian Railways for ‘Project Nilgiri’.  ‘Project Nilgiri’ is a pilot project undertaken by the Indian government under which the government plans on setting Wi-Fi hotspots at almost 400 stations, in Phase 1. The Phase 2 will involve the Wi-Fi connection on moving trains using cutting edge technology.

The  Japan  delegates will come to India and analyse the opportunities for better development.  Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Railway Technical Research Institute of Japan for further research work which enable them to carry out better understanding and acquire modern technology to finalise the plan.

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