Beware! ID proof essential for train travel

22 Sep

Make sure you carry an original ID proof before boarding a train with a reserved ticket. Be it a sleeper class or ac ticket or e-ticket/PRS counter ticket, it is mandatory to produce an original ID proof when insisted by the TTE.

At least a couple of passengers hard learnt their lessons aboard Rockfort express on Saturday night. D. Ambiga, 32, was that unfortunate traveller, who not only paid double fare but also spent sleepless hours during most of the seven-hour long journey from Egmore to Tiruchy on Saturday night. Ambiga was profusely wailing till midnight. Frantic calls from her uncle in Vijayawada and other relatives in Karur failed to pacify her.

Nothing could convince TTE L. Felix Xavier stuck to the rule book and threatened to disembark her if she did not produce her identification document or pay the actual fare (Rs 1,030) for the already confirmed ticket.

Her relatives, who were travelling in a different ticket, had carried required documents. “My journey was finalized at the 11th hour. My uncle booked a ticket for me online,” she said.

Her relatives were sending the proof via mail. But the TTE insisted on seeing the original identity card. Xavier said he asked many passengers to alight the train for travelling without identity card. Ambiga offered to pay at Trichy as she didn’t carry enough money.

G. Boominathan of Singampuranari was not carrying his ID proof. When he argued that the ticket was booked at a PRS counter in Chennai, the TTE told him about the new rule, which requires an original ID proof for reserved tickets of all classes.

A professor of a government college travelling on the train pleaded with the TTE to overlook the lapse of the passenger on humanitarian grounds. But Xavier said he would lose his job if a senior railway official enters the train. Senior railway officials clarified that the TTE could lose a year’s increment for being humane. So, passengers beware! Not all TTEs will dare to take risk and show you leniency.  Either carry the ID or be prepared to pay more.


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